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I understood education to be a tool in the hands of a potter who was once a vessel. I believe in righting unusual norms and I do advocate for education to be used to cause changes. Someone said,’ change is inevitable ‘ and none whatsoever pervasive could’ve escaped the claws of change. It is either you change for the better or become worse. Mathematically change is symbolized using delta while any sensitivity to change in Economics is termed elasticity. Now we go to school for education and get back into our communities without it. That’s a sad thing. How do your former comrades who haven’t had the opportunity to study know the value of the water you carry?

Once you’re educated in whatsoever location you find yourself, you must try to be the light that draws in the unknown. To be continued….

Perspective – Interrupt Anxiety With Gratitude

Perspective – Interrupt Anxiety With Gratitude

Putting Talents into perspective 

Talent is God given. Whenever you come across  talented persons; 

1. You should marvel at their giftedmess

2. You should recognize their contribution to society 

3. You should separate what they can do from who they are. 


One line runs through most of these anime shows I have been watching.

Love overcomes all forms of evil.

One moment a good guy transforms into an evil one to ram home a message of change only to realize it was the wrong way. I am talking about Naruto’s PAIN. 

Then there was another who thinks destroying the entire afterlife was a key to gaining control.

Crime doesn’t not pay. Why not love without restraint?


About a day ago, I took a Konongo bound Trotro. Inside the trotro was a nurse dressed as a regular market woman, a student who could not stop fidgeting with his iPhone, and a radio personality in his late twenties with that cursory look sitting beside the driver. Usually my konongo ride would have to load before it leaves the station but for some strange reason, the driver sped off without much consideration of adding passengers along the road. What could she possibly be in a hurry for? She sped on until we reached a traffic light that turned red and she had to do the right thing. I took this opportunity to buy sobolo off the tray of a teenage hawker with a baby strapped on her back. I asked her to keep the change. After all it looked as if she had hard luck the entire day. The very moment the light turned green, the driver of my trotro sped without looking to her sides and collided into a motorist. The impact made the rider reel continuously on the floor. He was lucky to have his helmet on but he has lost all consciousness. Everyone got out of the vehicle and tried their best to remain calm. The journalist brought out his mobile device and started recording as the “market woman” got closer to the rider, the student was taking snapshots consistently and was uploading them on social media. As the market woman got closer to the rider, onlookers started making deriding comments at her and she backed away. While some onlookers failed at lynching the driver, Others huddled around the rider in an attempt to help. After making his short report, the journalist hurriedly tried administering first aid according to his understanding. The Whole environment was tensed. some of the comments by the onlookers Were ,” what could a market woman possibly know of first aid?” Why can’t we take him to the clinic next door before he dies? Why is she trying to make him lie on his sides? Why is this woman taking this so personal?” Eventually, they shoved her out of the way. She looked on until the journalist gave up all attempts before coming back to show her ID card as a nurse before she was allowed to rescue the rider. It was at this very moment I realized how many people react to situations. I was dumbfounded and could not do anything but sit still and observe while saying a short prayer in gratitude to God. The student although grateful resorted to informing his peers of the wonders God and graciously touted gratitude as each finger thumped the screen of his iPhone. The journalist decided to work on his pay check while helping at the same time. Although his attempts at reviving the dying man failed, his show of assertiveness was admired greatly. The driver on the other hand happened to be a student who works part time as a Trotro driver and was speeding us to our destinations so that she could return to her books in preparation for an impending examination in the next 12 hours. As for the onlookers, their words of disdain nearly caused a man his life. Although the nurse got discouraged by the faithless comments of the onlookers, she manage to come around to save the situation. 
My message is diversified. 
1. Do not wait until last minutes before you act.
2. Always be patient, analyze situations before you jump to conclusions.
2. If you can not say anything good about somebody, SHUT UP!!!
3. If you cannot help people with things they expect from you, do not discourage them.
5. When real life situations confront you, learn to make the most out of them.
6. A Chilled bottle of Sobolo/Bissap/Hibiscus drink keeps you calm.
Everyone has a story, do not be quick to judge.

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Asuwer this is really funny

Miscellaneous and Poetry

I dey sick, wey i google the symptoms. Check like I get acute kidney disease and chronic nyamanyama.

God forbid kai.

I take my phone say make i spy my morning texts aa see something

Daddy needs wona

Sorry 😂

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I’ll  run
I’ll run like never,
Doesn’t matter where or when,
For now, all I know “is to run”
For what I believe in, and for who I believe in
To run

I will run
I’ll keep moving despite the pain in my limbs
Everyday, I wake up amidst soreness
My back hurts, 
My neck aches 
the affliction goes on and on
Once every mile I strain and stretch,
“Never let it get to you” , Papa once told me
All that you go through must yield something soon

I will run 
I’ll keep racing against time, 
Yesterday wasnt enough, 
i rested and relapsed within every struggle 
Winners dont quit, they all say!
Then i ask,”show me the winners”. 
After that, I shift gears and Run.

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